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Wooden accessories, wooden gifts

Wooden accessories, wooden gifts

Furniture is the main product, but there are other products besides furniture.

We make all kinds of tools related to daily life.

Make tables and chairs from fine trees,

We also create small wooden items that can be used to make use of the leftover wood.


Breaking apart a fine board for small wooden items,

There are times like that,

How to chop wood long enough to be used as chair legs

That takes quite a bit of courage.


This is because the wooden accessories are made from materials from a furniture workshop that produces a variety of furniture.

When I was cutting rough wood, I used a slightly unusual part of common wood for the arm rest of a chair.

Collect smaller parts and use them as accessories.

The day will come when the wooden accessories made in this way will be used in someone's home.

​That makes me happy.


``Get a stool as a housewarming gift''​ ``Give a cutting board as a housewarming gift'' ``Put a set of 5 Cosmo coasters in a box as a wedding gift'' ``Get yourself a tea tray-sized Gaya We will gift-pack ``obon trays'' and other ``things that you will cherish forever.''

Cosmo coasters and toothpick holders are available in gift boxes.


●Card payment is accepted for purchasing actual items at SHOP.

●We do not accept single orders for small items.

●If you have a large number of orders, we will accept requests for quotations.


-------------------------------------------------- ----------

●Standard accessory toothpick holder (accessory holder)

(The internal shape will change from the next batch)

Price: ¥9,000 + tax = ¥9,900

・Paper box for gifts (includes paper bag and extra-thin bamboo toothpick) ¥200 including tax

Size: 100mm x 60 x 36t


・Chestnut SOLD

・Claro Walnut SOLD

・Maple heather SOLD

(Photo with black background as of February 2024)

(When ordering, please let us know if you need a gift box or not.

We will reply with an invoice including shipping costs to your address.

If you buy up to 2 boxes, it will cost 550 yen for Kuroneko Compact)


-------------------------------------------------- ----------

●Standard accessory Cosmo coaster

Price: 2,500 + tax = ¥2750

Paper box for gifts (with paper bag) ¥200 including tax

size: 110㎜Φ

(The place to put the cup is 90mmφ, the bottom is 85mmφ)
Thickness of 1 piece = approx. 18mm.
(2 layers approx. 31mm, 3 layers approx. 44mm, 4 layers approx. 57mm, 5 layers approx. 65-70mm)
Weight Chestnut color: 46-50g
Chestnuts: 53-65g
Cherry: 53-65g
Maple: 57-61g
Keyaki: 70g

Walnut: 53-65g

Stock: (as of 2/6/2024)

Keyaki 3

Cherry 8


Chestnut SOLD

   Chestnut color SOLD

Maple SOLD

(There is currently a shortage of cherries and zelkovas, which were so popular that we made a lot of them.)

(I also make furniture according to the occasion)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
Cosmo means "well-proportioned".
The fireworks are designed with scratches to prevent them from sticking together,
Both the grain and the shading are beautiful.
Since 2010, when Asakura Mokko was founded, it has continued to be loved as a popular standard accessory.
Some people add different tree species to their inventory after several years, and some increase their inventory one by one at each exhibition.
Either a glass or a mug will work.
A wooden coaster that doesn't rattle.
The bottom is 85φ, so it is very stable.

Recommended usage
・As a coaster when visiting guests. Wood and ceramics go well together, creating a gorgeous dining table.
- Recommended for large diameter mugs and thermal mugs when working from home.
- Convenient to use as a small plate to store sweets.
・It can also be used as a temporary storage area for accessories and for temporary storage of SD cards and USBs on the desk.


The difference in color is due to the difference in tree species--------------------------------------- ------

Chocolate color. It is the color of the tree itself.
One of the three major precious woods in the world. (WAL, mahogany, teak)
Modern atmosphere.

It will gradually become a darker amber color over a few months.
The cherry that you can enjoy the most over time is cherry.

■ Keyaki Keyaki
The Japanese Tree. The same zelkova has a wide range of colors, from yellow to red.
There is. Dynamic and strong wood grain is cool.

The material has been used for train sleepers and the foundations of houses since ancient times.
It changes to a golden color with age.

■Chestnut color
It reacts with the tannins in the chestnut wood, giving it an aged finish that looks like it has been aged for a long time. Rather than coloring, it is dyed through a reaction, so it cannot be removed even when washed. However, please be aware that if you leave egg whites or lemon juice on the dye, the acidity will cause a reaction that will cause the dyed color to fade.

Maple syrup tree. Refreshing atmosphere.
A bright white-yellow color with a pink tinge, like a baby's skin.
It becomes yellowish with age.

The paper box has changed (2021/5/19)--------------------------
The paper box is sized to hold postcards, bankbooks, and paperback books.

Can be used on a bookshelf or drawer
I chose paper that would not show scratches or stains.
(Of course, you can also purchase it without the box.)
For gifts, I put the hand planed pieces into cushions.
It is also possible to put only one piece in a box. ~Up to 6 pieces possible.


About care--------------------------------------------------- -
You can usually wash it with detergent in the kitchen.
Dishwasher: ✕
Coasters don't get very dirty, so it's best to wipe them with a damp cloth instead of washing them with detergent.
The shine lasts.

Asakura Mokko's wooden accessories are fine-grained at the bare wood stage until they are smooth and shiny, and then soaked with oil. As a result, you won't end up throwing away the paint that comes off and the rough wood surface becomes dirty, which is the case with general wooden products.
For more information:"Furniture care"Please refer to the. 


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