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京都炭山朝倉木工  朝倉 亨

Japan's tenon and tenon assembly techniques are wonderful. If you approach it carefully,


``Furniture that will last a lifetime'' is completed.

What is difficult is not only the strength but also the longevity of the design.


“We design things that can be used for a lifetime, It is really difficult to create something that is attractive as a product.


​ what we made The client will continue to use it almost every day, almost for the rest of his life.

Although I design based on logic, it takes courage to make decisions.


If you can do that, use real materials, and make it carefully,

“Beauty when completed” and “Beauty built over time” It will become something that will be loved by the next generation. ​


"I use it every day and it's really good, I like it." I want to create something that people will still think about 20 years from now.

Wood that has been grown for 100 years, much older than us, With love, fear, respect, and worry,

The path to manufacturing continues.

Kyoto Sumiyama Asakura Woodworking

Tohru Asakura

Production design of solid wood furniture

Standard furniture, custom-made furniture, custom-made furniture

We design, produce, exhibit and deliver.

In addition to being able to see the finished product at the SHOP and purchase the actual product,

Semio with different sizes and different tree speciesYou can order full orders.

Built-in furniture such as kitchens and washrooms associated with new construction of houses and stores, and renovations.

・Furniture that you can use and feel comfortable all the time.

・It is a workshop that makes all tables, chairs, and box furniture.

I've been making each item in about the same proportion so far. ​

Not limited to designing only tables and chairs,

The design includes the relationship between the table and the chair.

​・Produced using both woodwork and knife finishing, handwork and machine processing.

・In addition to Kansai, we also deliver and ship to distant places such as Nagoya and Tokyo.

About us


Production of solid wood furniture, standard furniture, custom kitchens,


We design, manufacture, and deliver custom-made furniture. ​


A workshop that makes everything from tables/chairs/box furniture/accessories.

The design is not limited to just tables or chairs. We design by including "relationships within the space." ​


By making full use of machines and finishing the blades of hand tools such as planes We place great emphasis on handiwork that brings out the charm of wood.

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