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elephant chair

elephant chair

Wood        Chestnut Top plate is a single board

Size   420×340×H430㎜ 5.3~5.5㎏

Please let us know the installation floor.


Price Chestnut oil ¥50,000+tax 1

                  Chestnut dyeing ¥53,000+tax 1



The chestnut black dye type uses an oil finish after mordant-reacting the tannins in the wood with iron. Because it is a black that is reacted rather than colored, it is a beautiful black that expresses the transparency and texture of the wood as it is.


Although it is a solid stool, it can be used as a step stool.


The material has been used for train sleepers and the foundations of houses since ancient times.
It changes to a golden color with age.
It is a wood that is familiar to humans, as evidenced by ruins that it was also used during the Jomon period.
Chestnut is characterized by being a little lighter than cherry and walnut.

However, the elephant chair is a chair that is bulky and heavy.
There are no scratches on the sitting surface, and the surrounding area is beveled, but the top is flat.


The sitting model in the photo is 162.5 cm tall.


Yamato Takkyubin 140 size ¥1,830


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