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Chestnut black wipe lacquer long plate display stand 600 x 130 x 24

Chestnut black wipe lacquer long plate display stand 600 x 130 x 24

    21,000 + tax
Dimensions: 600 x 130 width x 24 1 available
:600×144×24 1 available


Tree species: chestnut
Finishing: Cutlery (hand plane, etc.)
Painting: Black lacquer

In addition to being used as a food plate,
As a modern Japanese decorative stage in the entrance hall etc., where the tokonoma is no longer available
You can also use it to display your favorite small things on a daily basis.
The dimensions are easy to balance.

It is long enough for the entrance of an apartment building.
Although the margin for the overall storage space will be smaller,
The size prioritizes the length so that it can be placed rhythmically on top of the decorations.

You can enjoy the fluctuation of the chestnut wood grain.
This piece is finished in a way that does not cover the eyes too much with lacquer.
Colors look different depending on the lighting, so
I tried to take pictures from various angles to convey the message as much as possible.

Example of what is displayed above (not included in delivery)
●Daarana Horse Small Amber Color by Okumura Tobo
I just rode it. The color of wax plum and the horse's candy color and black.
It's amazing how you can feel the story with just this. . .
“The Dalarna Horse is a traditional Swedish craft that is said to be a horse that brings happiness.
The horse was originally carved out of wood, but I made it out of ceramic.
Okumura Toubou Homepage”
To prevent scratches due to the uneven back surface of earthenware, I put sellotape on it and placed it on top of the tree.
Mr. Okumura told me. I see. I just put it on roughly, but it doesn't bother me unless you tell me, and it's a simple and great idea.

●Japanese style hina dolls.

●Sculpted brass “Cosmo” by Toru Asakura

●Camellia shells, walnuts, chestnuts, etc.
When I decorated it piece by piece, the black color brought out the beauty of the natural shape.

I tried to incorporate the spirit of our Japanese predecessors to play well with small spaces.
It's interesting to decorate something because it gives off a sense of the season.


please note
I used to display persimmons all the time because they had a beautiful shape.
It hurt only where I touched the tree, and I kept touching the tree too.
I left a mark. Please keep this in mind when decorating items that will rot.

If you purchase at an open showroom, you can take it home with you.

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