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2-tiered urushi lacquer (a heavy item that can be used not only for the New Year but also for everyday use)

2-tiered urushi lacquer (a heavy item that can be used not only for the New Year but also for everyday use)

(Photo added. 2023/12/18)


・Black wipe lacquer 2-tier heavy (chestnut) 60,000+ tax 1 available

・Black lacquer 2-tier heavy (cherry) 60,000 + tax 1 included

・Wipe lacquer 2-tier weight (WAL) 60,000+tax SOLD


Dimensions: WAL 2-tier weight approx. 255Φ height 130mm
Each step height 58 (inner size approx. 240Φ inner size height approx. 45)

(The overlapped part is 53)
Lid 22mm thick (the overlapped part is 17mm)

Dimensions: Chestnut black 2-tier heavy 253Φ height 135



It is carved from a block of solid plank. Luxurious "weight".
A timeless design with a simple carved wood texture.
I made it available for everyday use.
At the Asakura family, we use a place to store individually wrapped sweets.

It's useful both in everyday life and when you have guests over.

When people gather, I put Japanese sweets in there,

Ohagi, inarizushi, and persimmon leaf sushi also go well together.

When the lid is closed, it looks dignified yet soft.

Shingyo grass is a big bosom that can be seen in both ways.

In the past, when people had a heavy burden with many steps,

``Leave room for good luck in the bottom row,'' he said.
It seems that he didn't care if it was empty, but rather took advantage of it and used it in a way that made him feel comfortable.


Note: Photo with onigiri: Bite-sized onigiri.


postscript------------------------------------------------- ------

Tips for when you're having trouble choosing between chestnut, walnut, and cherry weights.

・Chestnut is the lightest of these. The wood grain gives a Japanese-style impression.
-Cherry has the finest wood grain.
-Walnut has a unique quality and modern atmosphere.

-------------------------------------------------- ------
Tips when you are confused between wipe lacquer and black lacquer
・Although lacquer has been applied for many years, the lacquer layer is gradually becoming more transparent.
It's fun to see the wood grain slightly showing through.
・In addition to the properties of wipe lacquer, black lacquer also contains black color, so it can be used for many years.
If you don't want your current color to change too much, we recommend black.

-------------------------------------------------- -----

-------------------------------------------------- -----

・The expansion and contraction rate of wood differs vertically and horizontally.

The overlapped parts are made with

I have a lot of fun to play with.

-------------------------------------------------- -----

- Lacquer is resistant to water and oil, but please avoid leaving it in water for a long time. If you soak it in water, it will seep in little by little and cause cracking/deformation. You can use regular kitchen detergent, but please use one that does not contain abrasives. Avoid "washing".

Recommended ways to wash wooden items --------------

When you start washing the dishes, first wash the wooden dishes with dish detergent and plenty of water, and while the stains are softening, wash the other dishes. When you finish washing other dishes, wash the wooden ones that have been briefly washed first, so that dirt such as rice grains will absorb moisture and be easily removed.

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If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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Shipping: 3 sides total 800mm size

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