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Tsuzumi stool cherry

Tsuzumi stool cherry

A chair that can be used without getting in the way with a minimal footprint.

10 years of planning. The design I've been wanting to work on has finally taken shape.

Great for sitting in the bathroom or as a stand for plants.

It is made of wood and has a body part that gives it strength.

This stool allows you to feel the beauty of the wood as you can see the diagonal hand planing.

The standard height of the chair is 430 mm and is often delivered at 420 or 410 mm.

This height is H440, which is taller and easier to stand up.

The height of H410 is below the knee, which is perfect for people around 150 to 160 cm tall.


CHE photo left: 210Φ×H410 ¥40,000+tax

CHE photo right: 183Φ×H440 sold Tokyo S residence

Tree species: cherry

Paint: oil finish

There are several pads attached to the bottom to prevent floor scratches, so it is ready for use.


Caution: Please be careful and guide small children so that they do not stand on it.


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