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Tsuzumi stool high/potter's wheel

Tsuzumi stool high/potter's wheel

This stool allows you to feel the beauty of the wood as you can see the diagonal hand planing.

In particular, the grain of this yew tree is very mysterious.

Carefully finished on a potter's wheel to bring out the texture of the wood.

An object that you can sit on that allows you to feel the true beauty of the tree, not just its silhouette.


The tree species called yew is the scepter that Prince Shotoku holds in his hand.

(A plate-shaped object held by government officials to maintain their dignity during ceremonies.)

Some scepters are made of ivory or whale bone, but if made of wood, this yew (first place) is used.

It is said that he used

Smooth, glossy, and light,

When I tried using it with the Tsuzumi Tool this time, I found it to be a very attractive material.

Yew was also used for the window frames of the new workshop and showroom.

It is a material that you can look forward to changing over time.



Left photo: High Yew Jig 240Φ×H580 ¥50,000+tax

Photo right: High yew long round 240Φ×H580 ¥50,000+tax

Paint: oil finish

There are several pads attached to the bottom to prevent floor scratches, so it is ready for use.


Caution: Please be careful and guide small children so that they do not stand on it.


・Takkyubin 120 size

It will be shipped the day after your order and payment is completed, and you will receive it the day after.

・If you pick it up at Sumiyama SHOP, there will be no shipping charge.



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Tsuzumi stool size and painting
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