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Kyoto Leggera STANDARD

Kyoto Leggera STANDARD

On display in showroom


Inspired by the superleggera by Gio Ponti, the father of Italian modern design, we designed an ultra-lightweight chair that blends into Japanese living spaces.

The weight is approximately 1.6 kg. You can easily lift it with one finger.

We also produce tatami-zuri types that do not leave marks on tatami mats.


Because it's small, you can take it home in your car or as baggage on the Shinkansen (I wrapped it in bubble wrap and carried it on the Shinkansen. It was small enough to be placed in front of the legs in front of the seat. It also fit in the luggage compartment above the seat.)


Approximately 1.6kg


Chestnut ¥100,000+tax 4 available+1 under construction

Cherry ¥100,000+tax SOLD Made to order

Chestnut dyed black ¥110,000+tax 1 available + 1 under construction


(Types with tatami mats are custom made)


Orders, shipping fees, and inquiries


Kyoto Leggera tatami printing type chestnut SH=400


●The tatami type of this chair is

The seats on the second floor of ``Kusabui Nakahigashi'' are used.

Seat height SH=400. You can sit down and enjoy your meal.

“Kusabami Nakahigashi” Reservation required Japanese restaurant

32-3 Ishibashi-cho, Jodoji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8406




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