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ramen stool

ramen stool

The first 10 photos are cherry,

After that is WAL, and the area where people are sitting is made of zelkova lacquer.


Finish: Blade finish

Tree species: Chestnut SOLD

  Cherry SOLD

Walnut SOLD

Chestnut color SOLD

Cherry iron dyed black SOLD

Keyaki Keyaki SOLD


Keyaki black wipe lacquer SOLD

(sold out.)
Painting: Oil

Iron dyed black + oil


Black lacquer
Dimensions: Seat part 340 x 230  Height 450 mm (Leg contact part 370 x 320)
Weight: 2.4kg (can be held with one hand)
Reference: Ramen stool zelkova weighs 2.9 kg (keyaki is the heaviest)


(Post-delivery discussion)---------------------------------------------------
The photo of the red and white ribbon was ordered by a son and his wife as a birthday gift for his mother, and was shipped by courier. When we contact you about shipping another small item after delivery.
My son says
“I was happy with it this time.It seems to be easy to use.
It was actually the first time that my mother asked for something.
(I saw the Asakura Mokkou table and this stool for my son's family.) But I couldn't buy them right away, but I had been curious about them for a long time. ”
He said he was glad to be able to present this as a gift after 4 years.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

This stool was designed for a ramen shop in Sanjo Kiyamachi, Kyoto that has no name or signboard.
It's a 12-seat restaurant with a counter made of exposed concrete, and each seat has a wooden drawer hanging from it. There's nothing left on the counter, so it's tidy. Our sister store, the famous Sugari, also has drawers hung with the same specifications. (Delivered photo wood species: walnut)


This stool can be used with a seat height of 20 to 30 mm higher than a dining chair (seat high SH), so we created it with a seat height of 450 mm. (If it is a little higher, it will be easier to stand and sit. It is suitable for working postures, such as computers. If you want to sit for a long time, 1 to 2 hours, 430 or less is comfortable.)

When used with a dining table or desk, the standard difference (difference between the dimensions of the table top and seat) is generally said to be 270 ± 20 mm.
Reference: At Asakura Mokko, the table height is 700 mm and the chair seat height is 430 mm.
Table height 690mm, chair seat height 420mm
Table height 680mm, chair seat height 410mm,
There are many combinations of these three. (Note: I am not wearing shoes at home, but at home.)

・If you sit in a slightly higher position such as in the bathroom and want to make it easier to stand up, use 440 to 450 mm.
・Those who want to take a breather or sit down in the same way as a chair at the dining table,
430 mm for petite people.
(Match with your dining table chairs, etc.)
We will cut it according to your request and paste the soles of the legs. (Free cut at time of purchase)

The height of the person in the seated photo is 162.5 cm.

・``    (Ramen shop with no name) 534-31 Ebisucho, Kiyamachi Sanjo-kamiru Nisuji Nishiri-ru, Kyoto Kiyamachi Building B1. At this shop, you can sit on the walnut ramen stool and view it.

・"Sugari" 471-1 Kannondocho, Karasuma Shijo Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
(Only the drawer is delivered to Sugari. The stool is not delivered)


Note: The ramen stool is not a step stool.
The stool design focuses on lightness and portability.
If you would like a step stool, please choose a type with holes.

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