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The book ``Woodworking Hand Tools: Inking and Wood Framing Techniques'' edited by the Carpentry Tools Study Group introduced Ochea Kumite.

Woodworking Hand Tools: Inking and Wood Framing Techniques": By reading this book, you will understand the techniques of Shiguchi for furniture and joinery.Hardcover – 2023/12/12Carpentry Tools Study Group (Editor)-Masofumi Doshinkosha (Publisher) 2023/12/12

Used for joining furniture and joinery Various types of joints and joints.There are many joining methods that are used depending on the location of the joint and the required strength, such as making the boards wider, joining the boards at right angles, and joining square bars in a cross. About 20 of the most common joining methods are introduced, from inking to processing.The beginning of the book introduces the pre-assembly work of professionally made chairs, Buddhist altars, joinery, etc., as well as the design-like work of finished products. In addition, we will explain the types of wood tools necessary for shikichi processing and how to use them through actual work. (From Carpentry Tools Study Group (edited)) style="color: rgb(15, 17, 17);">

For example, when it comes to furniture, we were introduced to this corner.

Specifically, if you look at this book and learn how to create kumite, you will find that the wisdom and teachings of our predecessors and the accumulated experience of many years are packed into even the most casual things, starting from preparing the tools to be used and creating kumite. It's not something you can see just by looking at it, but it's still a valuable resource book that allows you to see the state of production in progress, which can only be seen in each workshop. It is an honor to be introduced to you. Kyoto Sumiya Asakura Woodworking


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