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2024/5/1 (Wed) ~ 5/5 (Sun) "The 4th Satsuki Craftsman Exhibition" Organized by: Kawaguchi Bijutsu Kyoto 20th Sapporo Ach so ne 3 venues

We will be exhibiting again this year. We have items that will be used by someone for 100 years to come.

I will be making and exhibiting wooden lidded containers (butter cases). Reina Asakura

"Why a female-led society?"

This seemed a bit sudden, so I asked Kawaguchi Jiro of Kawaguchi Arts.

Kawaguchi Jiro's own experience many years ago when he raised his voice and came face to face with the social system, such as through citizen activism opposing the reduction of "Tadasu no Mori," a forest near Shimogamo Shrine, made him feel strongly that things needed to change.

Two years ago, at the Satsuki Craftsman Exhibition, I listened to a talk by a Swedish couple and had the opportunity to exchange opinions. Jiro Kawaguchi said, "Even if Japanese women feel uncomfortable in society, they should not object because that's how it's always been. It's important to start by changing that mindset." I was a bit taken aback by this, as I was completely immersed in the things I took for granted in Japan. Something that is old and traditional is not necessarily good.

Kawaguchi, who deals in antique art, says:

Speaking of which, a conversation I had recently with a ceramic artist comes to mind.

“I think that ‘antique art and antique beauty’ are not something that has always been stable and conservative, but something that was new and innovative at the time and has remained to this day.”

("Tadasu no Mori Forest is a 120,000m2 forest that has existed since the Jomon period. It is located in the center of the international cultural city of Kyoto, and is said to have once covered an area of 5.5 million m2. Tree species that made up the forests of the ancient Yamashiro Plains, mainly broad-leaved trees such as zelkova, Chinese hackberry, and Zelkova, grow here naturally. There are approximately 600 trees that are 200 to 600 years old, and the forest is considered extremely valuable in academic fields such as forest ecology and environmental studies. (Quoted from the Tadasu no Mori Foundation.)


- Aiming for a female-led society that values nature and people -

"The 4th Satsuki Craftsmen Exhibition"

May 1st (Wed) - 5th (Sun), 2024

"From this year, Ach so ne from Sapporo will join, so the event will be held jointly by three stores. The number of co-sponsors is increasing every year, which is encouraging, and I am pleased that the area has expanded significantly. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the Israeli genocide in Gaza are both extremely serious events that must be stopped with human wisdom, but they have not yet been stopped. The logic of power that runs deep in male-dominated society must be overturned. Let's achieve this by taking action aimed at a female-led society that values nature and people. Please support the development of the Satsuki Takumi Exhibition. - Kawaguchi Bijutsu -

I think a female-led society is a society where women do not have to face any inconveniences when they become leaders. And that means it is easier for everyone to live.

We hope that this exhibition will be an opportunity to actively incorporate women's perspectives and values and work towards a better society.

Yamada, who is joining us for the first time, is a potter from Suzu, which was affected by the Noto earthquake. During the event, we would like to hold a special event in support of Suzu at Kawaguchi Bijutsu Backyard. (From Kawaguchi Bijutsu DM)

[Supporting exhibitors] Hasegawa Natsu, Mizugaki Chie, Yamagiwa Chimasa, Takemoto Yukiko, Hamahiga Utako, Murota Shiho, Lee Myung-hye, Yamada Mutsumi (8 potters), Togane Madoka, Tanaka Sanae, Asakura Rena, Kawachi Haruka, Maki Yukari (5 wood lacquer craftsmen), Araki Sakurako (glass), Yamazaki Manami (hot bags and wrapping), Asaeda Kayoko (paper boxes and paper decoration), Hayashi Naomi (metalwork), Nakajima Hideyo (weaving and Bashofu). Photos by Kubota Yasuo, Bow Plus Kyoto


May 1st (Wed) - 5th (Sun), 2024

Select shop & gallery Ach so ne

〒063-0828 Sapporo City Nishi Ward Hassamu 8-jo 14-chome 516-544 1F

Business hours: 12:00-17:00

Old Scandinavian and Japanese items, braiding, etc.

〒606-0805 13-6 Shimogamo Morimotocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City

Business hours: 11:00-18:00

Email address:

Korean Antiques & Gallery Kawaguchi Art

〒606-0801 62-23 Miyakawacho, Shimogamo, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City

Business hours: 12:30-17:30

Email address


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