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Copy: 2024 Ujigawa Cherry Blossom Festival/Sumiyama Pottery Festival will be held on April 6th (Sat) and 7th (Sun), 2024!

The Sumiyama Pottery Festival is held at the same time as the Uji River Sakura Festival in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture.

This year, it will be held on April 6th and 7th, 2024. "Held on the first Saturday and Sunday of April every year"

(From “Summary Pottery Festival Executive Committee”. 2024 Postcard ↓)

The Uji River Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual event held in Uji City where you can leisurely enjoy the food and pottery stalls while admiring the cherry blossoms in the gentle spring breeze.

The ``Sumiyama Pottery Festival'' will be held at the same time, and a large number of pottery pottery makers (17 kilns) from the Sumiyama area will participate and exhibit.

(Scheduled to exhibit in 2024: Araki Pottery, Mr. Ando, Mr. Inuzuka, Mr. Okumura, Mr. Ogura, Mr. Akatsuki Kobo, Mr. Sasaya, Mr. Kawashima, Mr. Uoguma, Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. Hayashi, Mr. Takada, Mr. Ito, Mr. Kato, Kiyokazu Hara) Pottery shop Hara-san, Okada-san, Funabara-san, Tachibana-san, Kasengama Nishikawa-san)

(Kyoto Sumiya Asakura Mokko is not exhibiting, but

We would like to inform you that many local pottery artists will be exhibiting.

Asakura Mokko will be open by reservation on April 6th and April 7th.

If you would like to come visit us, please give us a call and it will go smoothly.

Phone 0774-39-8095

23-3 Tanzandonomoto, Uji City (20 minutes by car from Uji Bridge)

The photo shows the ceramic artist introduction corner on display in the Kyoto Sumiya Asakura Mokkou showroom.

(Asakura Mokko does not sell pottery. Please provide the artist's name and contact information.)

The Sumiyama Pottery Festival during the Sakura Festival is a great opportunity to see the artists in person.

2024 “48th Ujigawa Sakura Festival” Overview

“The 45th Sumiyama Pottery Festival” will be held simultaneously

Location: Uji River Nakanoshima area (Uji Park, Kyoto Prefecture) Date: Saturday, April 6th and Sunday, April 7th, 2024 Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm

*Events will be held rain or shine *Contents may be changed or canceled depending on the situation

Nearest stations: JR Uji Station Keihan Uji Station

Parking is a battle. Train recommended.


Along the Uji River upstream of Japan's oldest bridge, Uji Bridge, there are approximately 2,000 cherry blossom trees on both banks.

Uji specialty products booth (Japanese sweets, bamboo products, cherry blossom viewing bentos, woodworking, etc.)

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Please refer to last year's pamphlet.

(Last year, Reiwa 5, held on April 1 and 2, 2023)

Photos of the 2023 Ujigawa Sakura Festival and Sumiyayama Pottery Festival.

Tonoshima Pottery Festival tent area photo

This is the scenery around 14:00 on Sunday, April 2, 2023.

(You might have a better encounter with pottery if you go first thing Saturday morning on the first day.)

Food stall corner.

Below are past articles. For your reference.

About “Ujigawa Sakura Festival”

There was a bento box, Japanese sweets, sake, ice cream, a place to sit for a while, and a public restroom.

A photo from a few years ago. Since it is held on an island in the Uji River, it is a place where the wind blows through. It's warm in the sun, but if you're sensitive to cold, it's best to bring a light jacket to protect you from the wind.

There are many attractions near the venue, such as Ujibashi Shopping Street, Byodoin Temple, and Ujigami Shrine.

This is an event that many people look forward to every year, thinking, ``This year's Cherry Blossom Festival + where should I go?''

Please be sure to stop by the lunch shops and cafes around Uji where Kyoto Sumiya Asakura Mokkou has delivered furniture .

Walking around Uji Example ①

If you like shopping, please take a walk in the direction of Ujibashi Shopping Street.

In order of distance from Ujibashi,

Eirakuya, a tenugui specialty store (with fun designs such as a maiko riding a Shinkansen) ,

●Osu no Sato also sells umeboshi with a salt concentration of 3%, making it a great gift for the elderly.

● “Watte Chai ” (Indian style standing chai where you break the bowl after drinking. Open on April 1st (Saturday), closed on April 2nd (Sunday).) (My impressions after trying it with my child. “It is fixed that it is something that should not be broken.” It was refreshing to see the concept break down.)

●“ Choinomihawai ”, ●Pizza shop,

Kids Iwaki Puff (a store specializing in picture books and wooden toys. Open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:30 to 17:00)

●Tea sweets, ●Souvenir shop, and more.

A 10-minute walk straight down the Ujibashi shopping street from Ujibashi, we had a keyaki table from Kyoto Sumiya Asakura Woodworking.

●There is " Lova Dona Uji " (closed on Saturdays. Sunday lunch reservations not required from 11:30, dinner reservations required from 17:00). A restaurant serving seasonal vegetables and tempura that is easy to come by alone, with a group of people, or with children. We also sell takeout items such as beef tendon croquettes and vegan scones. Please take a look at the beautiful zelkova-colored diagonally carved table on the left as you enter the entrance.

Itaya Kobo, a 14-minute walk from Ujibashi, has round tables and chairs made by Asakura Mokko on display. (A construction company with a permanent display of 10 wood-burning stoves.) Location relative to Ujibashi shopping street is close. (Please call in advance when visiting.)

Examples of personal Uji +α walks so far

Example ②

●`` Kyoto Uji Matcha Cuisine Tatsumiya '' is a restaurant facing the south side of the Uji River. A lunch called ``Ujimaru bento'' where you can enjoy a variety of flavors and shapes has been served several times in the past at gatherings of the Sumiyama Women's Association (about 30 people). The other day, when relatives (12 people) gathered from far away for a memorial service, we had a relaxing lunch time overlooking the Uji River. A place that can accommodate large groups. (There are 8 large and small private rooms that can accommodate 2 to 45 people. If you are ordering a bento lunch, we can accommodate up to 80 people in a large hall.) Advance reservations for the Uji River charter cruise ship plan are available from January during the cherry blossom season. .

Examples of personal Uji +α walks so far

Example ③

``Walk to Daikichiyama Observation Deck in Uji'' with children for exercise.Adults can walk to Daikichiyama Observation Deck in 25 minutes one way from Tonoshima, where the cherry blossom festival is held. I was able to take a leisurely stroll with my nursery school-aged children and talk with friends and their parents. In the evening, I wanted to see the main hall of Ujigami Shrine, the oldest shrine building in Japan , but I was disappointed because I didn't know that the gate would close after 4:00 pm and completely close at 4:30 pm. (The parking lot will be more vacant if you walk on a day other than the Sakura Festival.)

Example ④

For those who like wild birds and walks in nature, it is a 25-minute walk from Asagiri Bridge on Tonoshima Island to the Hakuko Bridge, which is right near Amagase Dam , and then 25 minutes from the south bank of the Uji River and 25 minutes from the north bank. It takes about an hour to walk around. A walking path where you can enjoy the sounds of the river, birds, and forest. It is a peaceful area where you can see people holding large cameras for wild birds, people fishing, jogging, and walking.

(There are public toilets on the south side. You can also walk around the north side.)

Solid wood furniture workshop & SHOP

Kyoto Sumiya Asakura Woodworking





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