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Beaded table Sake table Side table TAKE

Beaded table Sake table Side table TAKE

TAKE is a side table with a beaded edge.

TAKE has two meanings: shiitake-like and portable TAKE.

In addition, the surface texture allows you to enjoy the wood grain itself,

Because of the scraping marks, scratches and marks are less noticeable,

The way it looks changes depending on the angle, 2 x 2 x light, so you can experience various expressions every day.

The design is easy to place next to the sofa, or matches with Japanese, Western, or old items.

Made to order in various heights and sizes.

Processing the bead edge (tamabuchi) requires a lot of work as it requires digging into the table top one step.

Processing that brings out the charm of wood and makes it look beautiful.



wood     cherry; two top plates are joined; edges are carved

finish iron mordant + oil
size  540φ×H350

Leg sole Hard felt pasting

Price ¥98,000+tax


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Other sizes and different tree species

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