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Chestnut wood lacquer Buddhist altar

Chestnut wood lacquer Buddhist altar

The client had three Buddha statues that had been passed down for generations and a large, traditional Buddhist altar. The client requested that the statues be remodeled to suit the lifestyle of the client's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It was a courageous request and a courageous production, as the client was willing to change only what needed to be changed so that the statues could be passed down unchanged. I was relieved that the client was very pleased with the design.

Visit our showroom and meet with us

We will come to you to take measurements of the Buddha statue you plan to put in the room.


Please reflect your request and send us another quote

Request (in this case, it took about a month)

delivery of materials

In this case, delivery took place approximately six months after the order was placed.

It will take time, especially when using lacquer.

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