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Super oval table chestnut 2100×1000×H700

Super oval table chestnut 2100×1000×H700

The bottom edge of the top plate is greatly chamfered to make it look light.

There is a floating feeling as if there are clouds floating in the room.

If you only listen to the dimensions, you will get the illusion that it is too big.

The shape has no corners, so it won't interfere with the wiring in your room.

An oval table combines the best features of a round table and a square table.


Wood chestnut

Size  2100×1000×h700 (height can be cut)

Between the legs: 1455mm/545mm

Price  ¥339,600+tax


(Added in January 2024)

I have added an image photo of four rattan toe chairs (cherry) lined up.

(However, this rattan toe chair is a special order, and the seat height is 2 cm higher than the standard SH450.)


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