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Kyoto  Sumiyama  Asakura Mokkou
Quality Furniture Design & Woodworks


A number of valuable photos taken on the day of delivery.

The beauty of the wood grain, the compatibility between the wood species of the furniture and the color of the floor, etc.

Please take your time. (Adding little by little)

You can move to each category.

You can also scroll down and view it in the horizontal slide.

WORKS Tablee

Delivery example of order table.

The thickness of the top plate, the texture of the finish,

We made the wooden structure according to your wishes.

A valuable photo taken on the day of delivery.

​Please use this information to consider the compatibility with the floor color.

WORKS Chair・Stool

​Chair/stool/bench delivery example Production example

​In the case of chairs, even the slightest changes can have a big impact on proportions, seating comfort, and how they are made, so we standardize on products that have been repeatedly improved on prototypes.(If you wish to make a full order of chairs, a certain number and development period are required)

WORKS Desk &
​Delivery example of desk and side table

WORKS Cabinet Chest

Bookshelves/display shelves, living boards/TV boards

Buddhist altar/Shinto altar, small drawer small chest​, woodenKitchen delivery example

WORKS store furniture

12 in Kyoto City, 6 in Uji City, 7 in Osaka-Kobe

Delivery example

Showroom now 

on display in the showroom

​Furniture that can be delivered without waiting. ​

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