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Three-tier small drawer with scales

Three-tier small drawer with scales

Three-stage small drawer with scales

Size: W264×D200×264mm


Left: Claro walnut

price: ¥150,000+tax

   ¥165,000 (tax included)


Right: Kurigaya Bon shaved iron dyed black

price: ¥150,000+tax

   ¥165,000 (tax included) 


The small drawer is decorated with heathered boards and scraped marks.

Gaya-bon is a traditional Japanese tray made with a single chisel. The invisible solid backing board is being played around with a bit.


Crafty and practical at the same time.

Each drawer is 60mm high.

The inner width is the size of two paperback books lined up.

Also your bankbook and passport.

Can also be used to keep glasses and watches in place.


It is also possible to add a partition to the inside of the drawer by order.


(Other wood species: maple heather, zelkova heather, chestnut brown are also available.)


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