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cherry big chest

cherry big chest

Delivery example: 101 Kyoto City H Residence Cherry Big Chest

Size: W2700 x D420 x H1120



``I want to neatly organize the clothes for two couples in this bedroom chest.'' Currently, there are three drawers of various sizes lined up.

The photo is 2 years after delivery:

The high-quality cherries have grown to a beautiful amber color, and even though I made them myself, they were so beautiful that it took my breath away.

I was very happy to hear that it was being used so much.


This chest of drawers fits perfectly into the room and looks beautiful.

The patchwork created by the client's wife is highly effective.

``Housewife work is hard work, but there's nothing left, right?

Stitch while watching the children.

When I was making this, something like this happened, something like that happened. ”

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