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O Chair STANDARD (+ Tips on how to choose a chair)

O Chair STANDARD (+ Tips on how to choose a chair)

An armchair that firmly supports your lower back.

The arm, carved out of a block of wood in a sculptural manner, serves as an elbow rest when you take a breather, and provides support when you stand up. The arms that characteristically spread to the left and right do not interfere with getting in and out of the chair.


The design incorporates traditional Japanese woodworking techniques into a standard form, and has been rebuilt to suit the body shape and sensibilities of the Japanese people. You can sit with your pelvis upright and bring the weight of your head directly above you. You can also sit cross-legged.


A comfortable chair suitable for eating, relaxing, and desk work.


(+ Tips on how to choose a chair)

Scandinavian chairs are often set with the arm and table at the same height.

The Oh Chair and To Chair are designed with comfort in mind between meals and relaxing time.

Even though there is an arm

The height of the arm is set lower than the height of the table.

When eating Japanese food, you can hold a rice bowl or a soup bowl in your hand.

If you are eating with a knife and fork, there is no problem even if the armrest is the same as the table top.

In Japanese food movements, I lower my elbows a little more so that they don't touch my elbows.

If the chair is wide enough, your elbows can escape to the inside,

If it comes with an arm and is wide, it will be difficult to handle it when placed between the table legs.

In between, when you take this and you can't stand this,

Just adjust the width or height a little.

We have improved the standard and reached the current form.


Another reason is that while keeping your back,

When you want to get closer to the table

We make sure that you don't have to worry about getting your arm stuck and not being able to get close to the table.


When typing on a computer keyboard

During a meal, for example, when taking a side dish from the serving plate in the center of the table.


The same thing as ``good architecture that you can look at without feeling out of place'' also applies to chairs.

When you sit down and experience it,

I don't think so. I can sit without feeling uncomfortable.

For the first time when I feel uncomfortable using a chair

I realized that this uncomfortable feeling didn't bother me in that chair.

A collection of details that improve small discomforts in everyday activities.



Oh chair leather seat

Genuine cowhide tanned black/dark brown/camel color

You can also order a leather cushion that can be placed on top of a board seat.



Size: W660 x D493 x H718 (SH430)

Seat W475 x D435 Arm H665

Seat height SH = 430mm Cut as desired.


Prices have been revised from September 2, 2023.

O chair board seat list

Chestnut 115,000 + tax 3 included

Cherry - 115,000 + tax SOLD Made to order Sample available

WAL 145,000 + tax 1 included

Chestnut color 125,000+ tax  SOLD Made to order

Wipe lacquer 160,000+ tax  SOLD Made to order

Rattan chestnut 135,000+ tax  1 available



Genuine leather za cherry - 115,000 + tax 2 leather camel color in production



Note: Oh Chair Itaza and

O chair genuine leather seat is the same price.

-10,000 yen (11,000 including tax) for synthetic leather



●O-chair leather seat was also delivered to Kyoto's Nanzenji ``Yudoufu Junsho''.

You can actually sit down and check it out during mealtime.

We have also compiled a list of other stores that deliver furniture.

Click here to see the furniture →


●Book “Woodworking Hand Tools: Inking and Wood Framing Techniques” 2023/12/12

Over the first few pages of Carpentry Tools Study Group (edited) - Seibundo Shinkosha (Published),

The wooden structure of the O chair was introduced.

Click here for detailed blog article →


Note: The height of the seat can be measured in the showroom to match your body shape, or we can suggest a seat height that matches your existing table height. Please contact us.


●Reference for seat height) (added in January 2024)

・If you are 162cm tall and are not using slippers, the seat height SH410 is comfortable.

(Because the heel is attached.)

・If you are 179 cm tall and will not be using slippers, you can leave the SH430 without the cut.

Sitting on the SH400 is also comfortable. When lower than 380, comfort increases, but

The movement of standing and sitting is a little sloppy.


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(In a type of chair that places more emphasis on relaxing time,

We also offer one that matches the table top and arm height.

When deciding what kind of chair to choose

You get to choose how you want to spend your time.


(In the case of the standard Oh chair, To chair, and Bambi chair,

The posture is designed to be used while eating, working on a computer, etc., as well as relaxing after a meal.

We researched the angle and seating comfort to support that posture.

Among them, the Bambi chair is more suitable for work, and the one in the middle is the O chair.

The toe chair is more relaxing. )

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