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京都炭山朝倉木工 栗拭漆大飾棚 木の家具と小物.jpg

Annoying manufacturing

It's not that difficult to "make furniture that will last a lifetime."
Japanese tenon joint technology is wonderful,
If you work carefully, it will work.
What is difficult is not only the strength but also the "life of the design".

"Designing things that can be used habitually for a lifetime,

It's really difficult to create something attractive as an object.

what we made
The client uses it almost every day, almost for the rest of his life
It's a rational design, but it takes courage to make a decision.

If you can do that, use real materials, and make it carefully,

"Beauty when completed" and "Beauty built over time"
You can wear it and leave it for the next generation.

"I use it every day, but it's really good, I like it,"
I want to create something that I can still remember 20 years from now.
Wood that has grown for a hundred years, much older than us,
Love, fear, respect and worry,

The road to manufacturing continues.

Kyoto Sumiyama Asakura woodworking Toru Asakura

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