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About showroom

月~金:  10~16時





We have a reservation system so that we can discuss your needs in a relaxed manner.

On weekdays (Monday to Friday), you can come without a reservation.

If you are considering ordering, please make sure Toru Asakura is not away due to delivery etc.I will adjust it, soMake a reservation in advance or call (0774-39-8095) Thank you for your understanding.

Business hours: 10:00-16:00
*On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, reservations are required.

*You can come without a reservation on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

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Sumiyama in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture is about 35 minutes by car from Kyoto Station.

This furniture workshop was self-built in 2009 using cedar boards. Please park in front of the workshop.



The second space is a shop located just a minute's walk from the workshop. The door is made of cedar root wood.

Screenshot 2023-12-09 234547.jpg


We have built a new atelier next to our studio. (Completed in Fall 2023)

The first floor is a workshop where large-scale production is possible, and the second floor is an atelier (gallery) space.

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The second floor of the workshop is our home and a showroom (reservation required). We used cedar, cypress, and pine wood from Kyoto Prefecture, and the building was hand-built using traditional construction methods. We spent a month visiting a carpenter's workshop, digging holes and using hand planes for the finishing touches.



The 100㎡ shop has chairs, tables, boxes, and accessories. You can purchase the actual items. You can also consult about custom-made furniture. (Credit card payments are accepted only for actual purchases ) The actual "Kimi no Isu" chair, which we designed in 2023, is also on display.



The second floor has wooden furniture and a mud wall space. The greenery of the mountains. The exhibits change from time to time.

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