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"About caring for wooden furniture"

How to heal dents and scratches

Furniture care dents and scratches.jpg
無垢の木のオイルフィニッシュの家具のお手入れ へこみ傷にティッシュを濡らして乗せておくと凹みが戻る
家具のお手入れ へこみ傷

・Soak a small piece of cotton cloth or tissue in water and place it on top of the dent.

Once it dries, add some water and let it sit for a few hours, and it will recover considerably.

It is better to perform oil maintenance after that.

Note: This method does not work with colored furniture or

Please do not do this on furniture with rough wooden surfaces.

 Stains may appear after water oozes out.

If the dent doesn't heal with just water after leaving it for a day, try ironing it for 1, 2, 3 seconds and see what happens.

Note: If you use an iron too much, the surface may become uneven and the color may fade, so please consider using it only on areas with severe dents. Steam×

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