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Standard table center leg STANDARD

Standard table center leg STANDARD

- There are no legs on the corners of the top plate, so it is easy to get in and out of the dining room.

The shape of the legs makes it easy to accommodate changes in the number of people seated and their positions when guests come to visit.



・Kyoto Sumiya Asakura Woodworking table is

We aim for the ultimate feel by finishing high-quality solid wood with a plane.

The wood surface, finished with a sharp knife, develops a deeper flavor the more you use it.




Tree species: chestnut/cherry/walnut

Color type: Chestnut color

Size: Available to order (height 660-720)


Price (excluding tax):


     Chestnut/Cherry  Walnut

1700×850 ¥349,800 ¥450,800 Delivery E

1800×900 ¥372,700 ¥482,800 Delivery E

1900×950 ¥396,600 ¥516,300 Delivery F

other sizes



Showroom used sample:

1900×1000 cherry ¥408,300+tax




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