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2024/10/25-27 "Kyoto Chair Exhibition" at the Kyoto Museum Annex (small item sales corner also planned)

This is an experiential group exhibition where you can sit in the chairs of woodworkers who transcend generations and regions, both inside and outside Japan. It was held for the first time in two years. (Photo is from the previous 2022 Kyoto Chair exhibition at the same venue) You can actually sit and compare about 35 pairs of about 70 chairs.




"5th Kyoto Chair" Date: October 25th - October 27th, 2024 Venue: Kyoto Cultural Museum Annex (Admission is free. Anyone can come.) Exhibiting artist: +veve, Yama Furniture Studio, Jurinsha Kyoto, Wooden Chair Jun., Soubou craft, studioJig, Hirayama Daily Goods Store, Kyoto Sumzan Asakura Woodworking, Tatsuo Morikawa Furniture Manufacturing, Moe Kobo, Tenon LLC, Hisashi Kaku, bookMt , TODAKA WOOD STUDIO, nagano-mfg., KAKI CABINET MAKER, at&on, Hashitaka Kogei, potitek Naomi Toda, UNOH, Woodworking Forest, tewasra, sim design, Kurai Furniture Studio, Kijisha, Kenji Kubota, Tsumiki Furniture Store , Yuko Kitsunizaki, Takahiro Yoshino, Takuya Aowa, Takaaki Oe, Yoshihiro Kubota, Tomoaki Tanaka, Nana Otake, Shinichi Moriguchi, and others (for details, see Instagram@kyotoisu)

「第5回 きょうと椅子





+veve 、山の家具工房、 樹輪舎京都、 木の椅子Jun.、 Soubou craft、 studioJig 、平山日用品店、京都炭山朝倉木工、 森川達男家具製作所、 萠工房、Tenon 合同会社、 賀來寿史、 bookMt. 、TODAKA WOOD STUDIO、 nagano-mfg. 、KAKI CABINET MAKER、at&on、 羽シタカ工藝、 potitek 戸田直美、 UNOH、 木工 森、 tewasra、 sim design、 倉井家具工房、 木次舎、 窪田謙二、 つみ木家具店、 狐崎ゆうこ、 吉野崇裕、 青ワ卓也、 大江孝明、久保田芳弘、田中智章、大竹奈々、森口信一、ほか (詳しくはInstagram@kyotoisu

Until now Exhibition of wooden chairs that you can find by sitting on them “Kyoto Chair” "1st Kyoto Chair" April 2018 at Gallery maronie. "2nd Kyoto Chair" 2019/10/19 (Sat) - 21 (Mon) at Kenninji Ryosokuin. "3rd Kyoto Chair" 2021/4/2㈮~4㈰At the Kyoto Cultural Museum Annex. "4th Kyoto Chair" October 15th and 16th, 2022 at the Kyoto Cultural Museum Annex. 36 pairs, total 62 legs "5th Kyoto Chair" Scheduled to be held from October 25th to October 27th, 2024. At the Kyoto Cultural Museum Annex.



2018年4月Gallery maronieマロニエにて。









"2nd Kyoto Chair" (2019/10/19 (Sat) - 21 (Mon) Photos of Kenninji Ryosokuin)






Author:Reina Asakura


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