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A single board of wild cherry blossoms

A single board of wild cherry blossoms

Delivery example: 445 A-teiyama cherry tree table, Yawata City, Kyoto Prefecture

Tree species: Top plate/wild cherry, legs/zelkova

size: 2200×890(780)×H670

Chair: High back toe chair tatami print specification zelkova

Seat height SH=400


I made a reception set with zelkova and wild cherry trees. It blends in well with the 80-year-old Japanese house. The chair is a zelkova high back toe chair with tatami finish. The wide, heathered mountain cherry top plate was purchased by the client at M's Furniture in Shiga and was finished by plane in our workshop. The leg curtains are made of a quince-shaped central leg, which is a specialty of our workshop. The tree species is zelkova red bean heather.


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