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Cherry lunch table round table

Cherry lunch table round table

Delivery example: 447 Uji City Gokasho “Everyone’s Cafe Guriguri” Cafe furniture

Tree species: cherry

Round table 800Φ H=700

Square table 750×600×H=700

Chair: There are 3 standard types

To chair SH=430

O chair SH=430

Bambi chair SH=430


Delivered tables and chairs in March 2021

(15 minutes by car south of Asakura Mokko)


A cafe rooted in the Gokasho area of Uji City. Daily lunch specials using rice cooked in a gas kettle and local vegetables, curry, and matcha mochi (dessert) are also popular. A space where even a single woman can easily have lunch.


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"Everyone's Cafe Guriguri"

25-1 Gokashoji Kaido, Uji City 0774-31-3492

Closed on Sundays​Lunch only on Mondays and Saturdays (LO 14:00)

Tue-Fri TAKEOUT bento only

Business hours 11:00~15:00 10 seats 3 parking spaces available

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