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We delivered a chestnut table to the 2nd floor of the main building of Hiragiya Ryokan, a long-established inn in Kyoto.

Delivered chestnut tables to Hiragiya Ryokan in Kyoto
Delivered chestnut tables to Hiragiya Ryokan in Kyoto

We delivered a chestnut table to the second floor of the main building of Hiiragi-ya, a well-known long-established inn in Kyoto. (Did you know that the word ``Hiiragi-ya'' is written as ``ie'' instead of ``ya''?) In addition to lodging and cooking, the multi-purpose table can also be used for calligraphy experiences and corporate meetings. request.

We made the table from a rare type of chestnut that has contradictory elements: thin grain but hard mouth.

It was. Chestnuts of this quality do not warp easily, so they can be tailored thinly even if they are wide, giving a light impression

It was. It was a valuable experience to be shown around the various rooms after the delivery. Toru Asakura”

As the website says, ``Please use the facilities and elaborately designed spaces that change with the times to suit your needs.'' While the main rooms are historical rooms, there are also modern rooms in the museum. The proprietress and the young proprietress showed me around the beautiful interior of the building, and I was impressed by how they continue to create a Kyoto-like atmosphere by not only preserving tradition but also harmonizing with it. Ta.

Detailed Yaku cedar ceiling panels in the room,

Japanese horse chestnut Shoin-zukuri shelf, fusuma painting,

The room where Mr. Chaplin reportedly stayed.

An exciting corner of the mini-study-like space in each room facing the garden!

Astonished by the woodwork artist's large alcove-sized installation work...

You can stay in the wheelchair that the previous landlady made when she was 90 years old.

Some rooms have beds with elevators.

In the elevator, the elegant impression of the holly leaves shining through the light on the sliding door.

It was a feast for the eyes that cannot be described in words.

Kyoto looks the same even today, but continues to change.

 A mysterious space-time that seems to keep changing but never changes.


Nakahakusancho, Fuyacho Aneyakoji Street, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto 604-8094

TEL075-221-1136 (Reception hours 8:00-21:00)

Instagram: Hiiragiya (@hiiragiyaryokan) • Instagram photos and videos


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