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Bambi Chair Standard

Bambi Chair Standard

"A comfortable chair to sit on"


Luxury wood removal with minimal parts. Great for dining or desk work. Seat, Kasagi (back), back legs, front legs. Minimal parts of the chair. Although it looks simple, the Bambi chair has been repeatedly fine-tuned, redesigned, and evolved. An elaborate chair with a lot of ingenuity. This chair will surprise you with how comfortable it is to sit on. How difficult it is to make an ordinary, solid wooden chair. Every time we improved Bambi, we realized the depth of the chair and faced it. There are many cases where people choose Bambi as part of their dining set, such as those who choose a dining set with Bambi, four chairs with Bambi, and Bambi just for me. When set on the dining table and not in use, it fits neatly.


bambi chair


Chestnut 90,000+tax SOLD (sample available)

Cherry 90,000+tax Made to order

Chestnut color 100,000+tax Made to order

Chestnut dyed black 100,000+tax Made to order

WAL    118,000+tax  Made to order

Wipe lacquer     130,000+tax  Made to order


(2023/9/2 Bambi chair price revised)



↓The gift we delivered was ``Everyone's Cafe Guriguri''.

We have delivered all three standard types of chairs: Toe Chair, Oh Chair, and Bambi Chair. You can sit in the Bambi chair while enjoying a cup of tea.

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"Everyone's Cafe Guriguri"

25-1 Kaido, Gokashoji, Uji City 0774-31-3492

10 seats, 3 parking spaces available


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