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The back part that supports the lower back and entire back is light and allows light to shine through.

This is a popular chair from Asakura Mokko, which continues to make improvements through repeated improvements.

The To chair is named after my father's chair.


The arms (armrests) are short to make it easier to stand and sit when combined with a table. If you are currently using a chair with long arms, you will feel much more comfortable using a toe chair because you no longer have to sit down and then lift the chair and your weight to bring it closer to the table. The deep counterbore gently hugs your buttocks, and the thin 10φ spindles (vertical rods on the back) each bend just the right amount to support your back and lower back, making this chair extremely comfortable to sit on. The armchair, which tends to be large, has been given a light impression by using transparent light.


Size: W572 x D580 x H920 (seat height 430+490)

Arm height SH+218 (648 when seat height is 430)

430mm or less according to your request.

(Leg cut is free at the time of purchase)


Chestnut ¥140,000+tax 1 available + under construction

Cherry ¥140,000+tax 3 available

WAL ¥185,000+tax SOLD Made to order

Chestnut color ¥150,000+tax SOLD Made to order

Cherry iron dyed black ¥150,000+tax 2 available

Chestnut wipe lacquer ¥190,000+tax 2 available


Genuine leather cushion for toe chair 22,800+tax sample available


●About seat height (seat high = SH)

Table height 700 and seat height 430

Table height 690, seat height 420,

Table height 680, seat height 410,

The average difference in height (difference between table and seat height) is between 250 and 270.

At Asakura Mokko, we often deliver 270-meter difference scales.

Most seat heights are SH420 and SH410.


Example) Based on table height 680 and seat height 410,

For example, make one leg 1cm lower, SH400.



●About arm height

Arm height = Seat surface SH + 218 = 648 when SH430


Example) If the seat height SH=430 and the table H700 (top thickness 30),

670 to the bottom of the table, arm height 648.

This is the height that fits under the top plate.


Example) In the case of a thick plate table, if the thickness is 52 mm or more,

The arm does not fit under the table.

(The toe chair has a short arm design, so

There are many deliveries where thick plates are preferred because they don't have to fit inside.)



If you let us know your height and the height of the table you are using, we will suggest the recommended height.


(2023/9/2 price revision)

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