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Light table round legs STANDARD

Light table round legs STANDARD

・The bottom of the top plate is greatly chamfered to make it look thinner.

This table has the presence of solid wood, yet has a light impression.

The four narrow round legs are removable.


・Kyoto Sumiya Asakura Woodworking table is

We aim for the ultimate feel by finishing high-quality solid wood with a plane.

The wood surface, finished with a sharp knife, develops a deeper flavor the more you use it.



Species: Chestnut/chestnut patina/cherry/walnut

Size: Available to order (height 660-720)


Price (excluding tax): Chestnut/Cherry  Walnut

1400×860  ¥213,700   ¥277,800 Shipping D

1600×850  ¥240,800  ¥315,700 Shipping E

1800×900  ¥269,800  ¥356,300 Shipping E


Chestnut color is chestnut +20,000

Other sizes also available



Showroom now:

1700×805×H700 Kaede ¥241,700+tax Shipping size E




Shipping charges, etc. →

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