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hornbeam stool

hornbeam stool

Furniture delivery example: Koshoji Temple, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture


Delivery of stools and benches in 2021 14 minutes by car from Asakura Mokko

A stool was made from a hornbeam tree that fell down in a typhoon on the mountain behind Koshoji Temple.

The seat is made of rush weave.

The vertical lines are boldly thick, while the horizontal lines are slimmer. I like this contrast, but that's not the only thing. 1. By making the legs thicker, it can be used on tatami mats. 2. Since it's made with half-green woodwork, it can be tightened as it dries, making it even more durable. Two benefits follow.

​It is especially illuminated at night during the autumn leaves season. Attractions.

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