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History of Kyoto Sumiyama Asakura Woodworking Contents

2009 WorkshopTakukane SSelf-build HOP

2010 Started furniture production

2011 Great East Japan Earthquake TV coverage "Ten Colors of Residents"

  woodworkerweek NAGOYA

Exhibited at "40 Wooden Furniture Exhibition"

For the next 10 years, it will be a place to announce new works.

2014 “Wooden Furniture and Utensils for a Lifetime: 28 People from Kansai” (by Hideaki Nishikawa)

Participated in a commemorative exhibition (at Kobe Shushinkan)

2015 TV interview “LIFE dreamfriend"

2016 Welcomed the first staff to the couple's workshop

2019 Opened a 100㎡ shop within a 1-minute walk

2020 (January around the time when the first corona infected person appeared in Japan)

2020 10th anniversary solo exhibition at "Gallery Yuzuriha"

2022 Selected for the National Exhibition. Received the Encouragement Award from the Craft Department

2022A studio on the first floor and a gallery on the second floor are currently under construction next to the studio.

​ Producing mainly furniture for private homesI ambut in the future, in addition to

kitchen, washbasin etc.

It will be a small workshop even when making large furniture.

We aim to open after May 2023.

2023 "Your Chair" Project 2023 Design Toru Asakura

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