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History of Kyoto Sumiyama Asakura Woodworking Contents

2009 WorkshopTakukane SSelf-build HOP

2010 Started furniture production

2011 Great East Japan Earthquake TV coverage "Ten Colors of Residents"

  woodworkerweek NAGOYA

Exhibited at "40 Wooden Furniture Exhibition"

For the next 10 years, it will be a place to announce new works.

2014 “Wooden Furniture and Utensils for a Lifetime: 28 People from Kansai” (by Hideaki Nishikawa)

Participated in a commemorative exhibition (at Kobe Shushinkan)

2015 TV interview “LIFE dreamfriend"

2016 Welcomed the first staff to the couple's workshop

2019 Opened a 100㎡ shop within a 1-minute walk

2020 (January around the time when the first corona infected person appeared in Japan)

2020 10th anniversary solo exhibition at "Gallery Yuzuriha"

2022 Selected for the National Exhibition. Received the Encouragement Award from the Craft Department

2022A studio on the first floor and a gallery on the second floor are currently under construction next to the studio.

​ Producing mainly furniture for private homesI ambut in the future, in addition to

kitchen, washbasin etc.

It will be a small workshop even when making large furniture.

We aim to open after May 2023.

2023 "Your Chair" Project 2023 Design Toru Asakura

History of Kyoto Sumiyama Asakura Woodworking

Completed from April to November 2009


After working at a furniture production company in Kanto for eight years, he returned to his hometown of Kansai and opened a business. The time is the year after the Lehman Shock, and the economy is in the midst of a recession.

Thinking about how to continue making furniture for a living, at the workshop, home and showroom

A style where you can see the furniture that has actually been used and receive orders directly.

A half-self-build of the 1st floor studio, 2nd floor home and shop in the coal mine in Uji City. Materials from Kyoto Prefecture (cedar, cypress, pine) are used. I went to a carpenter's workshop in Kita Ward, Kyoto for a month, and experienced not only carving work common to furniture, such as planing and digging holes for corners, but also hand carving wooden houses with tenon joints using the conventional framework construction method. The experience of making a house by ourselves is very useful for making furniture.

↓ 2009 home building record summary slide show (1 minute) It will start automatically. There is also an arrow in the lower right.

First delivery in 2010   


● Delivered the first order furniture.

Since then, we have mainly produced furniture based on requests from general households and store owners.


Walnut dining table Meal scenery First delivery.jpg

 T House, Tokyo Large table with walnut ears

o chair toe chair leather cushion


The first 5 years until I got on track were crazy. We struggled with the support of those who ordered furniture from us, who have few delivery cases. At first, the equipment in the workshop was not enough, a child was born, and even though I was helped by my parents who lived in the neighborhood, I was in a turmoil. Many times I have had a meeting with a child who is not weaned on my back and asked for measurements.


 IMG_5486 Osaka Japanese restaurant Large table 3m x 1.2m x 2 chairs.JPG 21  IMG_5489 - Copy (2).jpg
Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture Japanese restaurant "Ichiju Nisa Ueno Toyonaka Branch" 2nd floor private room Oversized walnut table (with surface scraping marks), Ochair leather seat


It gave us a lot of confidence and encouragement that Ichiju Nisa Ueno Toyonaka Branch entrusted us with a big job that had just opened.   


●2010/5/14-16 "Woodworkers Week 2010 in NAGOYA" "Woodworkers Chairs Collection" Exhibition of 100 chairs by 57 artists. Hosted by the Woodworker Week Executive Committee, at 3-6-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, on the 1st floor of the Lasik department store. Exhibited four chairs.

At this Nagoya exhibition, customers who saw Asakura Mokko's chairs invited us to their homes on the same day to show them our chair collection.


Exhibited in Nagoya for 10 years since then. Furniture works create encounters with people, which lead to further encounters... I was blessed with such a grateful relationship.



Ten colors of residents
First solo exhibition
wind from the studio

●2011/ 1/25, 2/25, 3/25, 4/25 Kyoto Kitano Tenmangu Tenjin-san no Ichi

●In March, the Great East Japan Earthquake.  My eldest daughter was born in May.

●2011/4/16-17 Mino Ikeda Foothill Craft Exhibition Otsuya Park, Ikeda Town, Ibi District, Gifu Prefecture. Exhibited a chair side table.

●2011/6/10-12 "40 Wooden Furniture Exhibition 2011" Organized by Woodworkers' Week Executive Committee, 2-2-5 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, 5th Floor, East-West Gallery, Denki Bunka Kaikan. first exhibited at (Since then, exhibited at this exhibition for 10 years)

● 2011/6/4~5 Nagoya Woodworker Week "Exhibition of 100 My Wooden Chairs" Woodworker Week Executive Committee

2-18 Shinokicho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Cultural Path Shinokikan

  ●August TV coverage MBS Mainichi Broadcasting "Ten colors of residents-the shape of a family as many as there are houses-".
●2011/8/31-9/1 Solo exhibition “Living with Trees Exhibition 2011” Sponsored by Kyoto Sumiyama Asakura Mokko


Held his first solo exhibition at cafe & gallery Yuzuriha, 2-5 Minoh Park, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture.

●2011/10/15~10/16 "The 9th Kobo kara no Kaze/craft in action" Sponsored by Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.

At Nikke Colton Plaza, 1-1-1 Onidaka, Ichikawa City, Chiba →BLOG

Resident Toshiki Photography Scene_Kyoto Sumiyama Asakura Woodwork_Husband and Wife's Furniture Studio.jpg IMG_9931.jpg

year 2012
A landslide isolated from a landslide due to heavy rains and landslides at a coal mine. Power outages for days. There is also the experience of being transported with food poisoning from relief supplies onigiri.

September Yuzuri is the second solo exhibition. The book "Wooden Furniture and Utensils for a Lifetime: From the Workshops of 28 Woodworkers in Kansai" written by Hideaki Nishikawa was published.

This book was published by the first Hokkaido version when Asakura aspired to woodworking. Next is Shinshu. Interviews were proceeding from the north.

At that time, the author remembered a work that was selected for a competition outside the company while making furniture at the company, and immediately approached me when I became independent.

In 2015, as a result of that book, I was interviewed by Asahi Broadcasting TV (ABC TV) "LIFE Yume no Katachi", including my former teacher Ryosaku Tateda.

Mr. N, Mr. O, Mr. H, Mr. Y, who are the furniture clients, and local people were also able to perform.

   Wooden furniture and utensils that can be with you for a lifetime, from the workshop of 28 woodworkers in Kansai.jpg

The ban on lacquer work, which had been sealed only after getting on track, was lifted from the sixth year. The width of the work has spread a lot.

From April 2016
It was a studio where a couple worked together, but they welcomed their first staff. As of 2020, it is produced by 2 staff members, a total of 4 people.  

Our staff works hard every day. We take turns making lunch together and eating it together.

(Postscript: From March 2022, lunch is now individual due to the corona disaster)

Autumn 2019
A showroom is open in a 1-minute walk from the workshop.



​ "Your chair" projectI was in charge of the design for 2023. ​



Raised in a coal mine. Solo exhibition at Kyoto Sanjo in 2009. Since then, he has continued to produce uniquely attractive animal sculptures, wood carvings, and paintings.

I grew up touching ceramics from an early age. After working at the Notojima glass studio, he established a glass studio in Sumiyama and continues to this day. (From gallery 365 artist introduction)

(Gallery 365 is an online shop specializing in glass artist works.)

-------------------------------------------------- -----------

Sakurako Araki's glasses are on display at Asakura Mokko's showroom.

Mr. Araki's glass works are for cooking dressing, and are just the right size to be served on the dining table.


I have created works according to the times. With elements such as sensibility, technology, and life at that time,

I have made various things. I think it was the best work I could have done at that time. ”

Beauty emerges from technique, and the result is a vessel that complements the food. Kyoto's rich culture exists not only in single objects, but also in food, utensils, kimonos, fittings, architecture, gardens, etc., where many layers of traditional techniques are incorporated into the overall harmony.

What has supported us is the “manufacturer” who does it smoothly and continues to evolve.

At the Asakura woodworking showroom, this lid, a set of gyokuro bowls and teapots, and usuzukuri works are on display.

In addition, since the color is black, the color of the resin is not noticeable. He also produced an incense burner.

2011/ 1/25、2/25、3/25、4/25 京都北野天満宮 天神さんの市 出店



2012/6/1~3「木の家具40人展2012」木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催名古屋市中区栄2-2-5電気文化会館5階 東西ギャラリー

2012/9/5~9/30「木と暮らす展inゆずりは2012」京都炭山朝倉木工個展 大阪府箕面市箕面公園2-5 cafe & gallery ゆずりは

2012/10/20~28 LIVING&DESIGN2012『木人展』株式会社ゆめディア主催 大阪市北区中之島3‐3‐23中之島ダイビル1階 椅子2サイドテーブル



2013/5/17/~26「一生使える木の家具と器展~関西の木工家たち~出版記念 木工家21名による作品展」 株式会社神戸酒心館主催 神戸酒心館ホール(ストックホルムで開かれたノーベル賞晩餐会にて提供された日本酒『福寿』製造元の多目的ホール)

2013/5/31~ 6/2 名古屋文化のみち橦木館「WORK CHAIRS展2013」木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 全国で活躍する木工家の木の椅子を集めた展示会。椅子3脚出展。

2013/ 5/31/~ 6/2 名古屋木工家ウィーク『木の家具40人展2013』 木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 名古屋市中区栄2-2-5 電気文化会館5階 東西ギャラリーにて 



2014/6/6~8 『木工家ウィーク名古屋2014 木の家具40人展』木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 名古屋市中区栄2-2-5 電気文化会館5階 東西ギャラリーにて

2014/9/9~21 「京都炭山朝倉木工 木の家具と小物展」個展 京都炭山朝倉木工個展 大阪府箕面市箕面公園2-5「カフェ&ギャラリーゆずりは」にて 

2014/10/4~ 竹中大工道具館新館「関西の木工作家の椅子」竹中大工道具館主催 ギャラリー選抜による企画展 以来、常設展示。オーチェアウォールナット出品

2014/10/8~13 大阪梅田大丸百貨店15F「日本のものあわせ40人展」合同会社ものあわせ主催企画展 イベントホールにて 大阪市北区梅田3-1-1 本棚椅子テーブル木の小物他



2015/6/5~7「木工家ウィーク名古屋2015 木の家具40人展」木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 名古屋市中区栄2-2-5 電気文化会館5階 東西ギャラリーにて 2ブース出展。         



2016/6/3~5 「木工家ウィーク名古屋2016 木の家具40人展」木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 名古屋市中区栄2-2-5電気文化会館5階 東西ギャラリーにて ダイニングセット他   



2017/3/7~27「なかなかの森 5周年企画展」なかなかの森主催 17人展ギャラリー選抜による企画展 枚方市王仁公園2-2ギャラリー喫茶室なかなかの森にて 

2017/4/18~30「みつはしで座る」きょうと椅子主催16人展 京都市左京区銀閣寺前町23アートライフみつはしオーチェア出品 

2017/6/2~4「木工家ウィーク名古屋2017木の家具40人展」木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 名古屋市中区栄2-2-5電気文化会館5階 東西ギャラリーにて テーブル椅子他 

2017/6/14~20大丸京都店「大丸創業300周年記念『京のものづくり展』」合同会社ものあわせ主催 京都市下京区四条通高倉西入立売西町79番地大丸京都店1階にて テーブル椅子小物

2017/9/27~10/3「JR京都伊勢丹 炭山の手仕事 奥村陶房&京都炭山朝倉木工2人展」主催ジェイアール京都伊勢丹企画展 下京区烏丸通塩小路下ル東塩小路町JR京都伊勢丹8階にて

2017/10/21「炭山窯元まつり2017」炭山陶器の里・協同組合炭山陶芸主催 出店。

2017/11/23~28「第3回 冬ごもり展2017」奥村陶房主催  14人グループ展京都府宇治市炭山久田26-1奥村陶房にて 出品とスプーンづくりのワークショップ実施



2018/2/9~15「小さな手作り展覧会in HAMAGUCHI HOUSE」陶芸Hamaguchi House主催 7人展 宇治市木幡平尾27-583

2018/4/3~15「第一回きょうと椅子~座って見つける木の椅子展~24人グループ展」きょうと椅子事務局主催 京都市中京区河原町通四条上る塩屋町332ギャラリーマロニエ5階にてトーチェア拭漆

2018/4/11~15「川口美術開業25周年記念 我谷盆賛Ⅱ」17人展 川口美術主催 企画展  京都市左京区下鴨宮河町62-23我谷盆出品

2018/4/5~22「京都炭山朝倉木工10周年個展 」大阪府箕面市箕面公園2-5カフェ&ギャラリーゆずりは1階2階両方に展示。

2018/5/9~15「大丸京都店4階 京のものあわせ展」合同会社ものあわせ主催企画展 京都市下京区四条通高倉西入立売西町79番地大丸京都店にて 栗拭漆大飾棚、隅切盆など

2018/5/12~26「第2回 京都教育大学アートフォーラム展」京都教育大学アートフォーラム主催 京都市伏見区深草藤森町1京都教育大学付属図書館1階企画展示室にて 初参加。トーチェア出品

2018/ 6/1~3 「木工家ウィークNAGOYA『木の家具40人展2018』」木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 名古屋市中区栄2-2-5電気文化会館5階東西ギャラリー 栗拭漆大飾棚、家具小物

2018/7/11~17「ジェイアール名古屋高島屋9階リビング特設会場」合同会社ものあわせ主催企画展 名古屋市中村区名駅一丁目1番4号 スプーン、サーバースプーン、隅切盆展示

2018/8/21~26「第36回一匠会展」京都学芸・京都教育大学工芸専攻卒業生主催 中京区三条通河原町西入ル2Fギャラリーみすや 椅子5脚小物 初出品

2018/10/20~21「炭山窯元陶器まつり」炭山陶器の里・協同組合炭山陶芸主催  木の小物 

2018/10/13~14「第16回 工房からの風・craft in action30周年」日本毛織株式会社主催 千葉県市ニッケコルトンプラザ

2018/11/14~18「冬ごもり展」奥村陶房主催  14人グループ展 京都府宇治市炭山久田26-1にて



2019/10/19~21「第二回きょうと椅子~座って見つける木の椅子展」きょうと椅子事務局主催 京都市東山区大和大路通四条下ル4丁目 小松町591 建仁寺塔頭 両足院 にて

2019/4/25~5/20「木のものづくり探訪展2020」木のものづくり探訪展実行委員会主催 東京新宿リビングデザインセンターOZONEにて(木工のグループ展)

2019/ 5/31~6/2「木工家ウィークNAGOYA『木の家具40人展2019』」木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 名古屋市中区栄2-2-5電気文化会館5階東西ギャラリーにて 

10月下旬の土日「炭山窯元まつり」炭山陶器の里・協同組合炭山陶芸主催  木の小物

2019年11/14~17「冬ごもり展」奥村陶房主催  14人グループ展 京都府宇治市炭山久田26-1にて

2019/7/17~21「川口美術開業 我谷盆賛Ⅲ」川口美術主催 京都市左京区下鴨宮河町62-23我谷盆出品






延期2020/5/9~23「第3回 京都教育大学アートフォーラム展 」京都教育大学アートフォーラム主催 



中止10月下旬の土日 「炭山窯元まつり」炭山陶器の里・協同組合炭山陶芸主催  木の小物

2020/10/30~11/5「第38回一匠会展」京都学芸・京都教育大学工芸専攻卒業生主催 有志展 京都市中京区堀川御池東北 堀川御池ギャラリー1階 ギャラリーAにて 3回目参加。椅子、小抽斗他出品。

2020年12/4~18 「オンライン開催 第6回冬ごもり展」奥村陶房主催  グループ展 

2020/12/9~13「ウインドウ展 第四回 我谷盆賛」川口美術主催 企画展  京都市左京区下鴨宮河町62-23我谷盆出品




2021/2/5~3/31「樹の一脚展 人の営みと森の再生」一脚展実行委員会主催 東京都江東区新砂1-1-1 竹中工務店東京本店1FギャラリーA4(エークワット) 一脚展のホームページはこちら→

2021/2/11~14「小さな手作り展覧会」HAMAGUCHI HOUSE主催 宇治市御蔵山HAMAGUCHI HOUSEにて

2021/4/2~4「第三回 きょうと椅子~座って見つける木の椅子展~グループ展」きょうと椅子事務局主催 京都市中京区河原町通四条上る塩屋町332ギャラリーマロニエ5階にてトーチェア拭漆

2021/12/8~12「第五回 我谷盆賛」川口美術主催   京都市左京区下鴨宮河町62-23(朝鮮家具・骨董ギャラリー)我谷盆出品

2021/12/1~5「第39回 一匠会展」堀川御池ギャラリー1FギャラリーAにて 京都市中京区堀川御池東北



2022/4/21~5/6「木工家の仏壇と祈りのかたち展」ISHIKAWA地域文化企画室ガレリア表参道主催  長野市善光寺「ガレリア表参道」ギャラリーにて 家具、お仏壇を出展

2022/5/1~5「さつき工人展」川口美術主催   京都市左京区下鴨宮河町62-23川口美術にて 小抽斗と酒卓 座卓出品

2022/ 6/10~12「木工家ウィークNAGOYA『木の家具40人展2022』」木工家ウィーク実行委員会主催 名古屋市中区栄2-2-5電気文化会館5階東西ギャラリーにて 

2018/5/12~26「第3回 京都教育大学アートフォーラム展 」京都教育大学アートフォーラム主催 MEDIA SHOP ギャラリー 1 & 2京都市中京区河原町三条下る一筋目東入る大黒町44 VOXビルにて。栃仏壇出品

2022/7/26~31「第96回国展 工芸京都展」 国画会工芸部主催 京都市京セラ美術館 別館 京都市左京区岡崎最勝寺町 13にて



2022/10/15~16「第四回 きょうと椅子~座って見つける木の椅子展~グループ展」きょうと椅子事務局主催 京都文化博物館 別館ホール 京都府京都市中京区東片町623−1にて 参加者36組、全70脚

2022/11/23~27「第40回 一匠会展」一匠会主催 堀川御池ギャラリー1FギャラリーAにて 京都市中京区堀川御池東北

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