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The number of people who do not use e-mail addresses has also increased.

Please let us know your mobile phoneCommunicate via short messages,

After that, if you have any hope, you can also interact with the line.


For inquiries in languages other than Japanese, if possible, it would be helpful if you could also attach the text converted to Japanese on the translation site, so that it will be delivered without being mixed with junk mail. Thank you.


Handling of personal information
The personal information you provide will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

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● お店について、予約について

Q: I haven't decided whether to buy it yet, but is it okay if I just look at it? ​A: Of course you can. Please feel the touch, texture, comfort, and other aspects that cannot be conveyed through photos or words.

Q: I suddenly have an errand to go nearby, can I contact you on the day and see the shop? ​A: Most of the products are made at the workshop on weekdays and every other Saturday, so it is almost possible to visit the shop on the same day. Please call us. However, if the representative is absent due to delivery or purchase, the staff will guide you. Please understand that it may be difficult to guide you due to the production process. It is smooth if you can make a reservation in advance.

Q: Do you have a bus? Please tell me how to get there by public transportation. ​A: Rokujizo Station is 11 minutes by rapid train from JR Kyoto Station. Unfortunately, the bus only goes halfway. There is a taxi stand in front of JR/Subway Rokujizo Station. It is 5.5 km and 13 minutes from JR Rokujizo Station to Asakura Mokko.

Q: Is there a place to eat nearby? ​A: There are several shops that have delivered furniture from Kyoto Sumiyama Asakura Mokko. Here are 5 close ones. Please stop by. ・2 minutes by car "Moto Cowshed Cafe & Lunch" Mota cowshed refurbishment. Delivered some of Asakura Mokko's wiped lacquer corner trays. Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (irregular holidays). 20 seats. Parking 5 available. ・13 minutes by car "Curry Design Office" Renovation of an old private house. Delivered elephant stools from Asakura Mokko. Make sure to make a reservation for lunch. Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Sundays. 20 seats. 4 parking spaces available. ・16 minutes by car "Everyone's Cafe Guri Guri" O chair and toe chair, table corner and round. Daily lunch and curry. You can take it home. 10 seats. Sundays off. 3 parking spaces available. ・16 minutes by car "LovA Uji" Old folk house, seasonal dishes and tempura. Delivery of a center leg table made of zelkova. 28 seats available. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. 2 parking spaces available. ・36 minutes by car "Nanzenji Junsho (boiled tofu)" Delivered a large bubinga top plate shaving table and an Ochair leather seat to the room of the Kaiseki private room. Irregular holidays.

Q: Do you have a recommended detour spot for everyone to stop by? ​A: Yes. In addition to tourist attractions, there are popular bakeries, and Sumiyama is an area with many pottery workshops. Please also see the introduction page of the coal mine. ・13 minutes by car to the south "World Heritage Byodo-in" "National Treasure Ujigami Shrine" The oldest surviving shrine architecture in Japan from the late Heian period. ・13 minutes by car to the north "World Heritage Daigoji Temple" Designated as a national treasure, the oldest wooden five-storied pagoda in Kyoto is worth seeing. ​・14 minutes by car to the south "Tamaki-tei" Kyoto's most popular bakery. Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. With P.

Q: I'm a woodworking student. Is it possible to visit the workshop? ​A: Yes. If you are a woodworker or student, please come to the open shop on days when reservations are not required. Please let me know.

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